Sandhan Valley – Ultimate outdoor adventure for trekking enthusiasts!

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A valley trek might seem to be an offbeat choice to go for trekking; but trekking enthusiasts would testify that no other trek is better than Sandhan Valley to quench the thirst for adventure. The sandhan valley trek is one of the most popular trekking experiences in Maharashtra and arguably in the country. Also called as the Valley of Suspense and Valley of Shadow, it is set in the Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats. Those looking forward to enjoy some breathtaking views of pristine nature during monsoons through Treks near Mumbai and Pune would surely want to explore the splendid canyon.

The 15 feet long valley is as deep as 200 feet and is copious to yield adrenaline thrills for trekkers. Topographically, the sandhan valley is between two mountain walls in the Nashik district near the Bhandardara region in the Sahyadri ranges. At places, the width of the valley is hardly 3 feet, denying sunlight to reach the ground of the valley and hence it gets its name of Valley of Shadow. In the last couple of years, camping at sandhan valley has been on the rise and with more facilities cropping up, especially at the most accessible start point of Bhandardara region.

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