Tips and suggestion for trek

Though a world class destination, Sandhan Valley is still a virgin tourism place with very low facilities in place. For this reason, one has to be very careful while planning a visit to this place and it is highly advisable to take help of a professional tourism company who also have good local contacts. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before visiting Sandhan Valley :

  • Sandhan Valley is 22 km ahead of Bhandardara which is the nearest town. All the emergency facilities like hospitals, petrol pumps, garages, transport services are available only at Bhandardara and Samrad is totally deprived of these facilities
  • No hotels are available at Samrad, one has to book hotels at Bhandardara or stay at Homestays at Samrad
  • Sandhan Valley has many huge boulders inside it, over which one needs to walk while exploring the valley. For this reason, proper trekking dress up and foot-wares with good grip are must.
  • Many a times huge rocks fall inside the valley from the top and it may invite unwanted casualty. Never go inside the valley without proper guide, who can sense the current conditions inside valley
  • No drinking water is available inside the valley (unless you do full descend trek) so carry sufficient water with you
  • The full descend trek asks for easy grade technical rappelling at 3 spots. For this, one must seek help of professional expert / local guide
  • Due to its vast terrain, there have been incidences of people getting confused about routes inside and near valley. Beware of this situation.

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