Scaling highest peaks in Maharashtra at Sandhan Valley

If you are a trekking enthusiast and indulge in Treks near Mumbai pune, then Sandhan Valley is one place you ought to discover, especially during the monsoons. This Valley of Shadow is located near the Bhandardara region in Nashik District of Maharashtra and provides spectacular views of Sahyadri ranges and Western Ghats for the trekkers. The sandhan valley trek can be completed within a day if begun early. The Valley is nearly 200 feet deep and the distance between the two mountain walls which house this valley, at times, shrinks to barely 3 feet.
Since home stays at the valley vicinity or some feasible hotel stays at Bhandardara are the only options for accommodation, one can discover the experience of night camping at sandhan valley. Karoli Ghat base is the most probable start point for your trek. The destination of the trek is Kokan Kada view point. On the way to this vantage point of capturing pristine Western Ghats in cameras, there are some rocky patches which might require some rappelling skills. Couple of small inclines of 7 ft and 15 ft along with the highest being 50 ft, making for an exciting trekking & rappelling experience at sandhan valley location.

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